Speaking Highlights


Game Developers Conference: “How to build game developer communities”


From my experience founding and running San Francisco’s influential game co-working space Gamenest, this GDC talk shares actionable insights, tips on fostering inclusive communities, and the emotional rollercoasters involved. With a line out the door, this talk inspired a new wave of game co-working locations across the globe.


Unite “Best practices in game analytics”


How do you concretely derive and action on what’s most important from game data and analytics? Delivered on the main stage of Unity’s biggest annual event, this talk provides a crash course in the power of analytics to increase revenue and make an objectively better game.


Ubisoft’s Blockchain Game Summit “Building gamer communities”


Established game companies are starting to explore how games can utilize blockchain technology. From my experience running one of the largest blockchain communities for Refereum, this panel provides hard-learned lessons, emerging regulations, and education on this fast-growing technology.


Blockchain Gamer “How to succeed in blockchain gaming”


Through the analogy of the Dorthy’s Yellow Brick Road, I share Refereum’s highly requested tactics and hindsights, and the ups and downs of founding one of the most high-profile gaming and blockchain companies in the industry.


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