Dylan Jones is a game developer, game marketer, and CEO of Refereum.



Making a video game is an ambitious balance of art, science, and business.
I’ve dedicated my life to making it easier for anyone who tries.






Refereum Clients

Some Clients

At nine years old, I premiered my first movie to my biggest audience yet: my proud parents. Right when it looked like the bad guy could win, I pressed pause — and asked the audience to choose what would happen next (with two pre-recorded endings up my sleeve). I will never forget their excitement in choosing what would happen. In that moment, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life spreading joy through interactive entertainment.

Since then, I’ve gained experience in all areas of making games. I led a community of independent game creators in crafting award-winning games. I know the science that goes into top-grossing Facebook and mobile games having worked on them as a systems game designer. I’ve marketed all types of games, including the biggest AAA games in the industry.

Now, I am the founder and CEO of Refereum. We enable game developers to reward and empower fans who play and share their games. 

Speaking Highlights


Best practices in game analytics

Unite: Boston preview

How do you concretely derive and action on what’s most important from game data and analytics? Delivered on the main stage of Unity’s biggest annual event, this talk provides a crash course in the power of analytics to increase revenue and make an objectively better game.


How to build game developer communities

Game Developers Conference: San Francisco — preview / watch talk

From my experience founding and running San Francisco’s influential game co-working space Gamenest, this GDC talk shares actionable insights, tips on fostering inclusive communities, and the emotional rollercoasters involved. With a line out the door, this talk inspired a new wave of game co-working locations across the globe.


Building gamer communities

Ubisoft’s Blockchain Game Summit: Paris watch talk

Established game companies are starting to explore how games can utilize blockchain technology. From my experience running one of the largest blockchain communities for Refereum, this panel provides hard-learned lessons, emerging regulations, and education on this fast-growing technology.


How to succeed in blockchain gaming

Blockchain Gamer: Seattle watch talk

Through the analogy of the Dorthy’s Yellow Brick Road, I share Refereum’s highly requested tactics and hindsights, and the ups and downs of founding one of the most high-profile gaming and blockchain companies in the industry.


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Work Experience — Current



Founder + CEO

Refereum enables game developers to reward and empower fans who play and share their games. The platform has millions of users, and works directly with numerous renowned games. Refereum utilizes blockchain technology to conduct payments for micro-influencers all over the globe. 

  • Founded the company and attracted top tech talent for the growing team

  • Crowdsourced $25 million dollars USD in initial sales 

  • Act as a thought leader on how games can leverage blockchain

Refereum has worked with:

Clients of Refereum

Work Experience — Previous




Gamenest was an influential inclusive game developer co-working space in the heart of San Francisco. It hosted numerous game events such as networking meetups, conference events, game art nights, game jams, and Alternate Reality experiences. Gamenest opened the door for co-working methodologies spread far and wide to create new game co-working spaces all around the world.

  • Founded and managed a 3,500 foot co-working space in San Francisco for 3 years

  • Attracted and fostered a community of award-winning game developers

  • Offered game development and game marketing mentorship 



Game Systems Designer

KIXEYE is the game studio that pioneered the RTS MMO genre that dominates today’s mobile top charts. KIXEYE specializes in a data-first approach to game design and bringing AAA graphics to mobile experiences.   

  • Transitioned one of Facebook’s top-grossing games onto mobile

  • Balanced an MMO economy and unit power using complex game data

  • Optimized and lead monetization on games with $30 million USD annual revenue  



Analytics Consultant

Unity is the world's most-used game engine. Their goal is to democratize game development, and they focus on providing data insights to help developers understand and monetize their games better.  

  • Worked directly with game studios to help Unity prioritize features on their roadmap

  • Curated Unity's global selection of games to present spotlighted use cases  

  • Was a featured blogger and speaker for Unity at numerous events, such as Unite


Bane Games

Game Designer and Marketer

Bane Games is a venture-backed mobile game studio based in Brisbane Australia that has launched multiple titles for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

  • Lead game design and UX for the Independent Games Festival award-nominated Battle Group 2

  • Created marketing and partner plans, and was responsible for marketing content such as a widely distributed trailer

  • Shepherded the game’s acquisition by NetEase and its subsequent transition into eastern markets

Additional Experience

  • Created the world’s largest Unity game development meetup, curating speakers and presentations for 200+ developers monthly in San Francisco

  • Operated the International Game Developers’ Association Colorado chapter meeting between 2009 and- 2013

  • Supported and grew the audience of Women in Games International events in San Francisco in 2016

  • Judged numerous years of indie games for IndieCade and the IGF

  • Established a personal blog on which I share expertise, with numerous articles having been reposted and featured by game development websites such as Gamasutra



University of Denver

DU is a private university founded in 1864 that prides itself on nationally recognized academic programs, its history of widespread influence, and a forward-looking vision for a 21st century education.

  • Double Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Digital Media and Human Interaction Design with a minor in Marketing, 2013

  • University achievements

    • Earned a Cherrington Global Scholar GPA

    • Established an accredited motion capture program for students

    • Received Google’s certification in Google’ Analytics

    • Tutored Myers Learning Games for the Young sessions


If I can help you navigate the world of gaming or blockchain — I’d love to chat.